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Welcome to Arthur - Where you are a stranger only once....

The Arthur Area Association of Commerce Mission:

To be actively involved in the overall enhancement and promotion of all aspects of the Arthur area


The idea behind the design:

The Arthur Area Association of Commerce strives to improve the business climate of the Arthur area. We stay actively involved in community events, business education and support, and community leadership.

Through our varied committees we develop and promote numerous special events and festivals in Arthur, develop and fund outreach advertising for the Arthur area, develop and fund community beautification projects,

    Festivals -  The Association of Commerce provides the support necessary to
        keep up Arthur's very active events calendar

    Arthur Marketing

        Print and other media campaigns promoting Arthur's potential as a
        destination to visitors and travelers. Join Arthur's Group Marketing Co-op Efforts.

        The Association supports a flower program each summer, colorful
        rotating banners throughout the town, cleanup days, and constantly
        looks for areas that need visual improvement.

    Business Development
        The Arthur Association of Commerce maintains contacts and information
        useful to new businesses, supports startup businesses with educational
        programs and provides an avenue for Arthur business leaders to network.