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Welcome to Arthur - Where you are a stranger only once....

The Arthur Area Association of Commerce Mission:

To be actively involved in the overall enhancement and promotion of all aspects of the Arthur area


Arthur Area Association of Commerce

Vision - The AAAoC should be dedicated to serving and promoting its membership by creating an atmosphere conducive to business development; relationship building, insight into public affairs, and leadership for the future.  The organization should be respected as the unified voice of business and as an enhancement to the community.  Businesses should value membership as an investment in their continued success.

Executive Committee:
President - James Aikman
Immediate Past President - Rod Randall
Secretary - Kevin Huffman
Treasurer - Alvie Jess

Committee Vice Presidents

Community Relations - Bruce Woods
To develop a deeper awareness within the community of the goals and purpose of the Arthur Area Association of Commerce by sponsoring programs and events designed to enhance the physical appeal of the community as well as fostering a cooperative spirit between the organization and the public; to educate residents of the importance of business in their community.

Marketing - George Fritz
To provide cooperative advertising and promotional opportunities for local businesses through traditional media and well as electronic media; to favorably expose the world community to the uniqueness of the Arthur community via the internet; and to develop programs that promote the community as well as provide fundraising opportunities for the organization.

Events - Sharon Daily
To create a regional awareness of Arthur by hosting annual and special events that emphasize the highest qualities of the community in retail, industry, public amenities, and small-town cultures.

Economic Development - Terry Clark
To Implement programs that will enhance retailers, promote industry, foster tourism on a local as well as regional basis.  Retail: to promote superior customer service and promote a "Shop Arthur" theme among the community as well as the broader market area; to business; and to work closely with the Village to help develop new business opportunities and retain the current retail assets of the community.  Industrial; to enhance the competitiveness and success of local manufacturers by helping strengthen the local economy; to help develop a community that attracts adequate residents to provide the workforce for growing industry; to create an awareness of the value of local industry through facility tours and other forms of public relations; and to participate actively in the development of new and complimentary industry within the community and local area.  Tourism; to cooperatively develop with the village a widespread approach that is accommodating and welcoming toward visitors; to work closely with the Director of the Arthur Visitor's Center in coordinating efforts to develop tourism; and to actively participate in person contact with visitors to the community.

Membership Services - Roger Bonham
To increase net membership through strong retention and recruitment programs; to communicate effectively with the members and the public in ways that heighten awareness and appreciation of the Association's programs; activities and objectives; to recognize member participation and contributions; to involve and motivate members to participate in programs to develop an effective schedule of events to best serve the entire membership; to foster opportunities for networking and professional development; to alert member of government action that presents important ramifications for local business and the community's quality of life; and to implement ways to continuously enhance member benefits.